«Realizing long-term goals in dynamic markets»

Companies have long-term goals and apply a strategy to achieve these. However, markets tend to be highly dynamic and require permanent adaptation. This contradiction needs resolving by aligning infrastructure, processes and systems to the postulated strategy for goal attainment. To make sure that transformation schemes and action programmes comply not only with current business requirements but also with the company’s long-term aspirations is a vital prerequisite to success, especially in times of incessant change. p>

Our range of services includes the following focus areas:


  • Development of an infrastructure strategy based on the corporate strategy
  • Development and implementation of a strategy-oriented demand management
  • Development and implementation of a company-wide improvement management in interaction between business process and infrastructure
  • Introduction and development of a governance & compliance policy
  • Development of a strategy-based project portfolio management
  • Strategic alignment of company-wide information management
  • Strategic alignment of the application portfolio