«We offer the challenge you are looking for»

We assist business enterprises in positioning themselves in the market and generating value. In order to help our clients reach this goal we rely on a strong team of highly competent associates who are not only motivated to support their clients in generating added value but also regard the chance of being involved in problem solving on behalf of their clients as an opportunity of personal development. Our employees can rely on a professional work environment that provides them with the necessary leeway for action and encourages the idea of team play.

We build on their strengths:

Our employees are doers and team players

They apply themselves to their work and their clients’ projects in their role as self-confident and convincing professionals. They set themselves ambitious goals with the intention of attaining them. With joint success in mind, they are aware that an enterprise will only progress through mutual inspiration and spirited teamwork.

Our employees are competent and practical

They are all highly trained professionals with a university degree. They are familiar with the required methodology and best practice approaches and know how to implement these tools. They are ambitious and intent on expanding their knowledge and experience and on demonstrating their entrepreneurial flair and expertise on a daily basis. Key to their professionalism is their ability to think and act analytically as well as conceptually, always with an eye on providing solutions to a problem.

Our employees are flexible and prepared to accept responsibility

They enjoy dealing with their clients on a direct and personal basis and appreciate the thematic variety our client and project portfolio has to offer. Owing to their high level of independence, they are in a position to make the best of our flat organization model, to take over a leading part and to make independent decisions. Hereby they profit from our open culture paradigm in which communication and the free exchange of ideas and experience form a cornerstone of success.

Our employees strive for personal development

They display a high degree of professional curiosity and see in the work with their clients an ideal opportunity for personal growth. Providing openings for self-empowerment is one of our company’s credos. Here they find an ideal environment for professional development and can bank on our long-term commitment. On the job training and internal as well as external personal coaching enjoy top priority.

Our employees work on a performance basis

Apart from a professional environment and a widely varied client and project portfolio, Vectoris offers market-standard salaries plus special remuneration for above-average performance. Goal attainment and excellence are worth the effort at Vectoris.